My name is Irene, after I had our 2nd baby I found myself 20kgs overweight, I lacked the energy to look after my two young boys and felt pretty crappy. I was consistently disappointed that I had nothing to wear and when I attempted to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes, they weren’t even coming close to fitting me. I started to feel really down in the dumps and that’s when I realised that I needed and wanted to do something about it, to get myself back on track and to start feeling like my old self again.

I started training with Dave in 2010. He always made sure that I was doing the exercises correctly, that I was being challenged and he always kept it interesting.  Not only was Dave educating me regarding how and when to train, he also educated me on nutrition; what foods to eat at what times, how much food to consume according to my personal goal, my body and lifestyle. Dave also encouraged me to participate in a 9 week weight loss challenge, which I found very motivating as I’m a fairly competitive personal by nature.  By the end of the 9 weeks I successfully lost 13kgs and I was much closer to my goal of losing 20kgs.  Another 6 weeks of regular exercise and eating well I lost a further 7 kgs and I was back on track and feeling absolutely fantastic.  I achieved all my personal goals and I even felt I could deal with my 2 young boys much better and enjoyed being out and about with them, including being down the beach.

At no point during my weight loss journey did I feel like I was on a diet. Dave made exercise very enjoyable and food was just about choosing healthy options. I discovered that the more I exercised the more I was inclined to eat well.  Dave encouraged me to reward myself by having a ‘cheat day’ once a week were by I could treat myself to anything I wanted.

Dave was extremely professional and extremely diligent.  Dave kept a thorough record written record of goals, aspirations and weekly achievements and he happily shared it week in week out which was motivating and very encouraging.

I have achieved a great number of different personal goals too. One of which I’m particularly proud of was my 1st half marathon. Dave prepared me for the 21km run which I was keen to participate in.  Dave happily took me on a 16 km run in his own time and not to mention some of the other shorter runs we ran together outside of our normal training schedule.  Dave helped me appreciate and fall in love with running, particularly the great feeling you get when you finish. The freedom it offers me to be out and about on my own or with some running buddies is absolutely awesome.

I’m also pleased to say, 2 years later, I have maintained my weight and my fitness level even after giving birth to our 3rd little boy.  The education that Dave provided me when we trained together is a life time of good health and well being.

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