What IS Personal Training

Personal training is a detailed programme designed around the client’s goals and expectations.

Before making any decisions, Better Body recommends you visit our facility and talk with one of our highly qualified coaches. This will enable you to get a sense of our professional approach. Your journey will be set out with the following direction:

  • Assess client’s current health, focus, ability, availability and goals.
  • Functional Movement Screen – Identifies what your body is capable of performing.
  • Calculate calorie needs coupled with an easy to follow eating plan.
  • Design programme for – weight loss, strength or sports specific etc.
  • Delivery of above with enthusiasm, direction and above all – enjoyable approach.
  • You have the option of both gym use and classes.

Personal training is not only about goals but also about your relationship with your coach. So why not contact Better Body and we will set you on the right path.

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