What IS Personal Training

Our trainers are handpicked from around the country to give the best service possible. We offer 6 week transformations. At your first consultation we get to know you as a person, find out what your goals and expectations are, then proceed to develop your personal programme and nutrition guide and discuss what lifestyle modifications are needed to go about achieving your goals.

We do a full body screening were we take into consideration your body fat percentage, full body mobility, body measurements, weight, strength, flexibility and your general level of fitness.

During your transformation you will receive one personal training session every week at a time that suits you and the gym, were your trainer will teach you the correct way to exercise, motivate, push and support you in every way possible in a comfortable and safe environment.

You can also attend any available class on our time table as long as you book in advance. All classes are taught by our highly motivated personal trainers who are there to help make it the positive life changing experience it is and help you discover the healthier new you

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